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Cập nhật Miracle Update New Here!

Thảo luận trong 'BOX- DONGLE - PHẦN MỀM UPDATE' bắt đầu bởi GsmVN, 1/9/19.

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    Miracle Eagle Eye
    More then Millions Mobile Supported

    Version 2.98A Released 1st September 2019
    Millions of Mobile Support
    ✔️ Connect Auto CPU
    ✔️ Connect Model Wise
    ✔️ Last 8 Year Number 1

    [X] Release Note MIRACLE Eagle Eye V2.98A

    1. Add Vivo Y91(MTK)/91i/91c Factory Reset/Account Remove Support.
    2. MTK Improve MT6739 Support And Update Boot.
    3. MTK Improve IMEI Repair For Mew Models.
    4. Andriod Improve MTK Flasher.
    5. Android Add Read Partitions In MTK Flasher.
    6. Android Add Format FRP & Userdata In MTK Flasher.
    7. Fix Some Bugs.
    8. Add MTK/Qualcomm/SPD News Models Support.

    More info and Download are HERE

    [B][B][B][B]Miracle Millions of Mobile Repairing Solution[/B][/B][/B][/B]